Charcuterie Menu

Enjoy a custom arrangement for your next family gathering, holiday party, board meeting…or just to treat yourself with.

Boxes & Boards

Classic Charcuterie Board Extra Large - Grazing Gouda
Starts at $55

Classic Charcuterie

A classic charcuterie spread includes a variety of cheese, charcuterie meat, fruit, nuts and accompaniments such as pickles, olives and jam.
Fruit Platter
Starts at $55

Fruit Platter

A fruit spread includes a variety of in-season fresh and dried fruit such as berries, melons, kiwi, dried apricot, dried mango and more.
Crudité Platter
Starts at $55

Crudité Platter

A crudité spread includes a variety of in-season fresh, raw vegetables with ranch or hummus for dipping. Vegetables include items such as celery, cucumber, carrots, cucumber, broccolini, cauliflower and more.
Adult Lunchable - Grazing Gouda
Starts at $15 each

Adult Lunchable

Each individual serving lunchable includes three cheeses, two charcuterie meats, fresh and dried fruit, olives, nuts and chocolate. Order minimum of 6 lunchables required.

Grab & Go

Grab & Go Lunchables

Grab a nutrient-packed lunchable from our self-serve fridges at convenient locations around Lincoln, NE.


Event Catering

Custom charcuterie cups, graze tables, lunchables and more—great for a corporate event, wedding happy hour, graduation party or any other gathering, large or small.


Starts at $85

DIY Charcuterie Kit

Order a DIY charcuterie kit and receive all the ingredients needed, plus a step-by-step PDF with photos, to walk you through building your own charcuterie spread. From slicing cheese to folding salami and arranging all your charcuterie items, think of it like a gingerbread house but even more delicious—a fun family activity for the holidays or a unique date night experience.


Add for $27

Industry Holiday Marketing Calendar

This 12-month calendar is made to lend a helping hand in your intentional marketing outreach practices no matter which industry you fall in. It will assist you in knowing which audiences you should be actively reaching out to at a specific time leading up to the upcoming industry holidays or awareness days that are most relevant to your business.