Whether you're hosting a 30 person birthday party or 300 person wedding, wow your guests with a delicious charcuterie display.


With a variety of options to choose from, there is a little bit of something for everyone and every occasion!


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Charcuterie For Every Occasion

Catering orders are perfect for groups of 30 people or more! All orders must be placed minimum 48 hours in advance. Boards, boxes and cups are able to be picked up or delivered, graze tables must be assembled onsite.

Graze Table - Grazing Gouda
$15 per person. Minimum of 30 people.

Graze Table

Our stunning graze tables include an assortment of gourmet cheese, cured charcuterie meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, dips, olives and pickles, nuts, crackers, fresh bread and various accompaniments. Brunch graze tables are available at $15 per person.
Individual Charcuterie Cups - Grazing Gouda
$12 each, minimum of 10 cups.

Charcuterie Cups

Our single-serve cups are the perfect handheld snack for your next board meeting or happy hour. Each cup includes three cheeses, two charcuterie meats, fresh and dried fruit, olives, nuts and chocolate covered items. Brunch or fruit and veggie cups also available.
Adult Lunchable - Grazing Gouda
$15 each, minimum of 6 lunchables.

Adult Lunchables

Our single-serve adult lunchables are a great option for your next staff meeting or client appreciation gift. Each lunchable includes three cheeses, two charcuterie meats, fresh and dried fruit, olives and nuts. Brunch or fruit and veggie lunchables available.
Classic Charcuterie Board Extra Large - Grazing Gouda
$55-120 per board

Boxes & Boards

Enjoy multiple charcuterie boxes or boards that can be easily transported to your next gathering. All offerings can be created as a classic meat and cheese charcuterie, fruit and veggie, fruit only, veggie only or a brunch spread.

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