About Grazing Gouda

A passion for entertaining, a love for celebrating with others, and a destiny for cheese.

Where It All Began

Welcome! I’m Alexis, the cheesehead behind Grazing Gouda. My passion started with a love for celebrating with others, multiple family members in the entrepreneurship world, and a destiny for cheese. With roots in the Netherlands (the Gouda capital of the world) and Green Bay, Wisconsin, cheese has always been a part of my life. As a toddler I was always on the hunt for Kraft singles and pickles, and as I grew older that pallet matured as my parents continued to invite family and friends over for a classic wine and cheese night accompanied by countless rounds of cribbage.

A few years ago (November 2020 to be exact) Grazing Gouda came to life right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. A few weeks prior to this, my sister and brother-in-law had come down from Minneapolis for a friend’s wedding—being a classic October 2020 wedding there were a few hiccups, one being the appetizers. I was called up last minute to put together a graze table for the guests and as I tore it up on the dance floor that evening there were countless guests who approached me wanting charcuterie for their engagement party, birthday celebration, retirement gathering and more. The lightbulb went off and I never looked back, deciding it was time to put my creative energy towards charcuterie.

Since then Grazing Gouda has grown into a household staple in the Lincoln community, serving thousands of charcuterie spreads from from small date night boxes, to large special event graze tables, individual adult lunchables for board meetings and happy hour charcuterie cups. No matter the occasion I believe the real magic happens when family, friends and strangers gather together sharing laughter, conversation…and cheese of course!

From a seven year running, profitable lemonade stand with coupons and all, to door to door sales of wrapping paper for the school fundraiser and now a cheesy business endeavor—entrepreneurship has always been a part of my story. A huge thank you to my parents, Monique and Steve, who paved the path and taught me the grit and dedication it takes with their own small business for the past 32 years, I cannot wait for many more cheesy years to come.

– Alexis